James is absolutely amazing to work with! He comes highly recommended. His calm, real life approach, assists in obtaining a fulfilling life, teaches coping mechanisms and most importantly, gets to the root of the problem. James, thank you so much for helping to improve the quality of my life!

Dr. Adams, thank  you for seeing us so quickly. My husband told me that he got more from our one session with you  today than he did the whole time we saw the other therapists. Thank you so much!

I want you to know how much you helped me. You taught me how to retrain my brain when I feel that there is no way up. Your an awesome man that has helped me once again. Thank you. I appreciate you so much! 

I want to thank you. I was able to go through with my surgery this time, I didn’t feel any fear or anxiety. I appreciate you helping me through this.

You literely saved my son’s life. THANK YOU!

I am so happy that I found your office. With your help, I have changed my life for the better.